Ram Gopal Verma tweet on Women’s Day for Sunny! She trolled RGV with a video.


Filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma made some insensitive tweets On Women’s Day, which turned the social media to a storm.

After his racist tweets to Michelle Obama and Lord Ganesha, Ram Gopal Verma was slammed for his sexist jibe on International Women’s Day, when he tweeted, “All women in the world could give men as much as happiness as Sunny Leone gives.”Screenshot (25)Screenshot (26)

Within minutes of his rant made the social media viral. The Twitter era trolled and criticized the director for his misogynist comments. However, the situation went out of hand, so Ram Gopal apologized for his remarks. “Whosoever got offended by my tweets I didn’t really mean to be insensitive, I have right to freedom speech, but in case someone offended, I apologize for that. But, I don’t apologize to the ones who threatened me to take law over their hands.”

A Goa-based female activist Vishakha Mhambrry filed a police complaint against Ram Gopal for his inconsiderable and intolerable tweet.

In this, Ram Gopal would fill a counter police complaint about defaming Sunny Leone.

First of all, It’s not a public platform. And the talks are between me and my followers. If you don’t like my tweets, it’s better to unfollow me.  I have the freedom of speech and I will express what I feel which I always do.

Just last week, the filmmaker caused a stir on social media when he uploaded a picture of Tiger Shroff on the cover of a glossy. He even advised Tiger to learn the art of machoism from his father. While Jackie Shroff ironically works with him for his upcoming film Sarkar 3, didn’t appreciate the director’s reckless comments.

“He didn’t even spare Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, he said so many things in his honor too. It’s his bloody thinking. Whatever he thinks, he says it. Now, they call it’s as freedom of speech, but I controlled. Since I have a Lakshman Rekha.”

Needless to say, actress Sunny Leone finally reacted to filmmaker’s tweet. Without mentioning his name, Sunny through a small video gave a take over the controversy.

I read all news today, and I believe change only happens when we have one voice. So, choose your words wisely.

Watch Sunny Leone’s video

After her reaction, RGV apologized for his insensitive tweet. He added that he was just expressing his feelings.



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