Rape And Murder Of An Irish Woman in Goa


Recently, there was a murder of an Irish Woman, which set another reminder that there are plenty which needs the safety of women in the country- not just Indians, but also for the foreigners too. The 28-Year-Old Woman suffered from a horrific rape in a state which is known as the ‘fun’ side of the country than of crime.

Although, a number of high-profile rapes and murders have come to the fore from the last few years, but none of them was so unpleasant than the one of the 15-Year teenager Scarlett Keeling.

Here is the case all about:

That 28-Year-Old Woman Irish Woman loved the place, as it was her second trip to Goa; since February. The woman was staying in Arambol and also popular among the peers.

She was on a backpacking trip. She even celebrated Holi before being raped, murdered and left unclothed with her face badly smashed up.

The woman had left with a two-holiday plan at Concona along with a local girl from North Goa. After they attended the holiday party plan, the next was to step towards their common friend’s place.

The next morning, she meets Vikas, the man she knew from the last trip to India. Unfortunately, the lady was unaware of her fate that came to her in a next way. As per the reports, the duo headed to the restaurant and pub hopping before heading towards North Goa. The two had stopped twice on their way to have a beer.

Vikas then took his friend to an isolated place at the end of the beach. And there, he assaulted her and left her after raping and killing.

Vikas smashed her face with a broken beer bottle so that her face couldn’t be identified. Moreover, he took all her belongings for its own purpose.

The farmers found the dead body of the victim and soon informed the police about it. The victim was found buried in her own blood.

From the victim’s bag, the police found some colored clothes, mobile phone, and much more. Hardly, it took some hours to figure out, what actually happened to her in the last few hours.

Thereafter, the police homed in Vikas and arrested him without much trouble, since the killer didn’t expect to be caught easily.

Vikas already has a long list of crimes reported against him, who ultimately, accepted his role. To make the case even tighter, the cops are also yelling and questioning to his friends. The investigation is still undergoing, the cops are awaiting her family to arrive.





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