Superhumans Exist! Here are 5 of Them!

  • Amazing visual memory: Stephen Wiltshire12

He has the ability to draw a landscape of a picture by just seeing once. Moreover, the picture comes near perfect- full detail & accuracy. He frequently used to draw the landscape of the whole city by just a brief helicopter ride. For example- 305 square miles of New York city, only in twenty minutes ride & then a brief picture out of it.

  • Rubber Boy: Daniel Browning Smithdaniel-browning-smith

The most flexible man still alive. He can easily dislocate himself in order to get fit in an unstrung tennis racket. Moreover, he could easily fit himself in a small box or in a suitcase. This man holds three Guinness world records for his flexibility.

  • A man that never sleeps: Hai Ngocthai-ngoc

This man had the flu in 1973, he has not slept since that day. Amazingly, his body works as a normal human existence. Lack of sleep has no impact on his functions.

  • Seeing through sound: Ben Underwood1

He lost his eyesight at a very young age at 3 due to cancer. He is able to click sounds in mouth & understand the echo produced by it to understand about his surroundings like any obstacles in his path. Moreover, he is able to ride his bike, play basketball. Instead of sitting in a corner, he too experienced his childhood like the one we did it.

  • Mr. Eat it all: Michel Lotitostrangest-diet_979922i

Basically, his origin is from France. He has been eating metals, rubber, bicycles & all crazy stuff which won’t enter into a normal human body. Surprisingly, he ate 18 bicycles, a cession aircraft, one coffin & 15 televisions. He has a thicker lining of stomach & intestinal track than a normal human being. He died in 2007 due to natural causes.

 Who said superhumans don’t exist?


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