Reason behind the explosion of Samsung phones


You plug your smartphone into the charger. When you wake up, it’s found to smell smoke billowing everywhere. The nightstand that withholds the phone is in flames.

How could this have happened? Simply, it’s a Samsung phone which spontaneously burst into flames. It’s mainly the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

After such 40 incidents of explosions, Samsung made the unpredictable decision of not to sell the Samsung smartphones especially Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It only worked just a few months after it was released. The government agencies stopped all the shipment and sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There was also exchange offer in place of these phones. Samsung is asking users to permanently shut down their phones. Researchers found the reason behind the explosions.

The technology behind the explosion is due to batteries. Phones use lithium ion battery packs for their power. It was found that the liquid flowing inside the lithium battery are highly inflammable.

There is a thin sheet of plastic separating the positive and negative of the battery. If that thin sheet gets punctured, the phone results in an explosion. The puncture point becomes the path of the electricity flow.  This led the batteries to short circuit that results in destruction. However, it heats the liquid electrolyte at that point. If the liquid heats up quickly, it ultimately results in an explosion.  The explosion of phones even allegedly killed people.

Lithium-ion batteries are used in most of the smartphones. The reason behind to use lithium-ion batteries as it is lightweight and holds a lot of energy.

The common reason for the failure when they try to make batteries with more power by increasing the voltage. Voltage is the measure source of power. Voltage is high as like the height of the waterfall and current is slow as the water flowing.  To increase the voltage, manufacturers add a nickel to lithium. Moreover, when there is high in voltage, the electrolytes likely combine in a way that catches fire.

Unlike, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung S7 edge also came into the same picture. burnedphone-comp



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