PepsiCo Launches ‘Game Fuel’ In India  



The beverage and snacks brand PepsiCo launched ‘Game Fuel’, its new drink targeting the game community today in India. The new product has been launched under the Mountain Dew brands.

The aim of launching the drink is to tap the growing health conscious customers. “ We feel hydration drinks, functional drinks are a big opportunity. Health and wellness are our focus i.e. where the customer is moving. The trend is towards health related drinks. We will launch more products in this segments, ” informed the Vice President of PepsiCo India, Vipul Prakash working for the Beverage Category.PepsiCo

He remarks functional drinks as those containing vitamins and minerals. About the company’s new drink, Game Fuel, he says,” We have launched a new product under Mountain Dew Branch, 13 years after it was launched in India. Game Fuel brand is present in the U.S and India is the second country where it has been launched.

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When asked about the new product launches going forward this year, he said, “This year was a big one for us. We launched 7UP and Nimboo Masala Soda nationally. We also launched game fuel this year. We will establish these launches…we might have a couple towards the end of this year or beginning of next year.”

The company is yet to launch smaller cans of its flagship brands- Mirinda, 7UP, Mountain Dew in July. Currently, the smaller , 150ml, cans are available only for Pepsi and Diet Pepsi.

The new product, Game Fuel has been launched in 600 ml PET bottle and 250 ml can and is priced Rs 35 and 25 , respectively.



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