Retired Maths Teacher Found Begging At Railway Station :My Story


November 5 was a special day for Vidhya M.R who is a computer assistant at the secretariat in Trivanthapuram. She went to railway station to meet a friend of her.
While waiting for her friend, she saw an old lady who was carrying polythene bags. She was wearing dirty clothes as if they were not washed for many days. Vidhya started following her.

She then noticed that old lady was plucking fruits from trees and then started eating them. After seeing this Vidhya bought some idly and vada for her. While talking to her she came to know that she was a retired teacher.
In the hope that any of her students will recognize her, she uploaded her photo on facebook with her contact number. After some time she got endless calls on her phone from ex-students of Islamic public school, Malappuram for the old lady who was their maths teacher.
“I received many calls from her students. They were so caring for their teacher as they were ready to come to her and take their teacher with them. Some of them were having resident in abroad while some were living in Malappuram.” said Vidhya.
As the post went viral, sub-inspector took the old lady, Valsa to an old age home. Their officials asked her about her family to which she replied,” Now my son will be able to know where I am and he will take me home back. ”
Valsa also said that she had done 33 years of service as a maths teacher. “When we were
informed about her, we contacted the health standing committee chairperson Geetha Gopal and made necessary arrangements at Sayahnam. She seems disturbed and we will take her to the hospital for a check-up. We could not verify the information about her and asked the local body representatives here to inquire about her,” said P R Jayakumari, charge officer of Sayhanam.

Vidhya’s post helped an abandoned retired school teacher who was begging outside the railway station. The police officers were informed as well. They inquired that it was a case of abandoned. Her husband and son abandoned her and now her sister is taking care of her husband and son.


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