Richa Chadha’s Bollywood Confession


Richa Chadha shares about her struggle with eating disorder and body shamming. The Gangs of Wasseypur fame recollects her earliest memories in the industry of a male colleague pointing out to the film’s director that she was too petite and needed to be padded up her a bit. The actress who until then thought herself to be a ‘smasher’  determined to put on a few kilos and then later struggled to shed it off.

Richa Chadha -” as an actress , there is a lot of pressure as people judge you depending on their looks. On screen your face is magnified so people are pointing to your nose, eyes, jaw line, smile and your eyelashes,” said the actress who was recently seen in Sarbjit.

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The actress expresses about feeling vulnerable and nervous and also facing an eating disorder while shooting for songs in her musical, Cabaret.  She fasted for long hours and hogged on protein bars and red bulls and felt guilty every time she felt hungry.

A change in vision- Richa Chadharicha chadha

But much like a life changing experience, last December, while travelling to Marrakech Film Festival to do her jury duty , she happened to see Asif Kapadia’s Oscar winning documentary, Amy. The documentary featured the life of singer Amy Winehouse who was enslaved to drugs and alcohol addiction, faced relationship problems and also fought Bulimia calling upon self-destruction. Amy had a great impact on the actress’s life, On the 9 hour flight, she explains to have seen the movie in the first 2 hours and wept for the rest 7. Being alone Richa Chadha, gave herself time to ponder over the issue and decide to take control of her life and body.

After several conversations with her kith and kin over 2 months time, the actress says to have met with a naturopath, Dr. Chintu and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. She was encouraged to stay away from bad fats, carbs and proteins and sticking to traditional foods that she grew up with , like parathas, dosa, rajma chawal etc . She was also asked to work out regularly. Soon she was able to find herself glowing and is confident about getting in best shape in no time.

She said the new phenomenon of body shaming isn’t something we need. The actress asks everyone to embraces themselves as they are without running behind trending perceptions .The actress signed off saying, “I ‘d like to tell people to love themselves the way they are without bothering about popular perception.”




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