Rishi Kapoor v/s Gandhi’s

Rishi Kapoor
Last Tuesday, the Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor was on a roll until late on twitter. He tweeted several posts on the website suggesting to change the names of roads and other public assets in India. His concern was why buildings and roads need to be necessarily named after Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi. Why not in the name of Bollywood stars or others who aren’t from Congress.rishi kapoor

The story

The actor seemed to have taken the tweets over the top with questions like “Baap ka maal samajh rakha tha?”. In his many tweets he made suggestions on how most public properties like roads, buildings, airports etc. are named after congress leaders and how they can be renamed. He suggested to give names of persons who have contributed to the society and the growth of the country referring to the recent changes of Aurengzeb Road being renamed to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road and also to a similar suggestion made by the retired Minister of State and External Affairs Gen.rishi kapoor
While many came forward to support the actor, including Anupam Kher who said Rishi Kapoor had a valid point in his opinion, many others tweeted in opposition. One of them reportedly said ‘ Gandhi’s to congress like Kapoors are to Bollywood.’
Alas! It all looks like a mere BJP v/s Congress debate. The actor last seen on ‘Kapoor n sons’ seems to have pulled off a very potential topic for discussion.



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