Rohan Mehra shut up all breakup rumors with his girlfriend.


Actor Rohan Mehra shuts up all rumors regarding breakup with his girlfriend Kanchi Singh. The ex-Big Boss contestant; who is currently vacationing at Abu Dhabi went on a cruise with his girlfriend Kanchi on Wednesday and shared some pictures on Instagram.

Rohan Mehra won a stylish suit with white jacket, while Kanchi, on a full sailor mode. She wore a pinstriped jumpsuit and a choker made out of same fabric.

While both of them posted their singles in their single-handed accounts, there are also a together pics for their fans on the fan page.

Rohan Mehra and Kanchi Singh both meet each other on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and started dating each other. There were rumors about their breakup but, Rohan shut all the rumors down by uploading a picture on the Instagram account.

However, Rohan Mehra says in a post;

My relationship goals aren’t meant for headlines, it’s forever. Why would I date someone if I won’t marry her? I’m very much lucky to have Kanchi in my life and will surely take the next step forward with her. No plans for 3-4 years doesn’t mean that there are no plans at all. Let’s stop all these speculations and don’t complicate personal lives. Thank you, Kanchi for understanding me!



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