Sachin Tendulkar: Master Blaster’s record that might never be broken.


Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar was India’s first and last hope. Though the all-rounder adieu good-bye to the Indian Cricket team in 2013, but Indians still revealing his historic achievements for the country.

On his 44th birthday, wishes pour from everywhere from his well-wishers. On the remembrance of audiences’ favorite hero’s celebration, here are the few greatest achievements that could never be broken.

1. 15921 runs in Tests:

*No other player has even scored even 13,500 in the Tests.                                             *The second highest is being Ricky Pointing with 13,378 runs.

2. 200 Test matches:

*Sachin Tendulkar played the highest number of test matches.                                       *After that, Ricky Pointing and Steve Waugh played 168 test matches.

3. 51 centuries in Tests:

*He spanned his career for more than two decades in the field and his record would remain forever.                                                                                                               *After Sachin, Jacques Kallis scored 45 hundred.

4. 18426 runs in ODIs:

*The legendary cricketer also leads his name in ODIs too with 18,426 runs.                 *No other cricketer had even scored 15,000 runs.

5. 34,357 runs in International career:

*Sachin Tendulkar held his position on the top in the International career including Tests and ODIs.                                                                                                                         *After him, the second-highest is Kumar Sangakkara with 28,016 runs.


              Happy birthday Sachin Tendulkar! Indeed The GOD of Cricket!


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