Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin-A Billion Dreams; From a wild kid to Cricket’s glory


The trailer of Sachin Tendulkar movie, Sachin: A Billion Dreams was launched here on Thursday, at the auditorium suburban Mumbai multiplex.  However, there weren’t many celebrities even apart from Sachin Tendulkar, his supporting wife Anjali Tendulkar and the support of staffs of the upcoming film.

Nowadays, biopic has become trends in the Bollywood industry on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Azhar, the Phogat sisters and Mary Kom hits the Box Office.

The film portrays Sachin Tendulkar’s journey, from his days at Sahitya Sahawas housing colony in Bandra East to seen lifting him the World Cup.

The trailer starts with two naughty kids leaving their father upset with their acts. Sachin Tendulkar says, “I was only 10 years old when India won the first World Cup (1983). And that’s the day my journey began and even I too wanted to hold the trophy someday.”

However, it’s nearly equal to impossible for portraying those 24 years of journey in some few minutes. But, we managed to so do. Usually, Sachin is a private person; Sachin Tendulkar’s family has also been portrayed.

It shows that he his bowling to his son Arjun Tendulkar in the nets and spending a few moments with Anjali.

“Cricket was first for him and so same for everyone else. And, slowly we had got used to it as well. Whenever the team failed to perform, it used to get so upset that he couldn’t even sleep at night,” says Anjali in the trailer.

In the trailer, Sachin Tendulkar emphasized on World Cup victory. It means hailing the highest point in the career.

“That’s the one moment I want to live for. And, that moment my life has been changed. When I saw Kapil Dev holding that beautiful trophy in 1983, I was trying to get to that moment,” said Tendulkar.

 You’re a true inspiration for all of us!



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