Safety Measures to Ensure This Diwali


Dussehra ends and we start planning for Diwali. You roam the streets in search of the best attire to adorn this Diwali. But most of us forget that this festival of lights not only brings joy but also utter mishaps if not taken care of.

To avoid any horrible incidents you should maintain some safety measures that will ensure the festival of lights remains memorable for you, for all the right reasons.

Here are some of the tips that would safeguard your well-being.

  1. Burns

If the skin hasn’t blistered and the burned area is not more than 4-5 cm, it can be treated at home. If the burn is in a sensitive area, like the face, visit a doctor to avoid scarring.

2. Animal Safety

Pets are a part of the family for animal lovers. But Diwali can be an agonising time for the animals due to the extreme noise all around. Try to sensitise your pet to the noises by playing similar sounds beforehand. Also, try not to leave your pet alone and do keep they away from firecrackers.

3. Breathlessness

Incessant coughing may be a sign of throat irritation, but coupled with breathing difficulty, it can be alarming.Move away from smoggy surroundings and sit in a room with the doors and windows shut and the air-conditioning on.

4. Avoid fabrics

Pick clothes made of fire-resistant materials such as jute or cotton. These kind of fabrics are less prone to catching fire which implies you remain unscathed if any mishap were to happen. Try to avoid chiffon and georgette clothing on Diwali for they catch fire very quickly.

5. Avoid getting Drunk

Don’t drink alcohol if you are dealing with fireworks and never throw firecrackers carelessly or burst crackers in crowded areas.Candles and Diwali diyas can be used to decorate your home for Diwali, but ensure that it rests securely on a surface which will not melt or burn.


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