Sasikala Rejection in Hashtags And With A Rap Song in Tamil Nadu


Kodaikanal Wont’ sung by the famous Rapist, Sofia Ashraf from Chennai, now, has a new song that is going viral on social media. In her new song, she laments Sasikala who is being chosen by the ruling AIADMK as the next CM for TamilNadu’.

Amid of back clash by both the citizens and political parties, Sasikala is expected to take out oath soon. Both the citizens as well as the political leaders questioned her credentials for the top post. The public also pointed out that she was not the choice that Tamil Nadu made last year when it re-elected the AIADMK for a second straight term.

On Sunday, many defended the ruling party’s decision and said that O Panneerselvam would step down as the Chief Minister instead of Ms. Sasikala, who had never contested in any elections. She only entered after the death two months ago of Jayalalithaa, whose live-in companion was for years.

At Chennai’s Marine Beach,  the public spoke about the elevation of Sasikala. “What an insult to our State? What do they take us for?” said a school teacher.

Hashtags like, ‘TNsaysNO2Sasi’ have been trending on social media, since the announcement was made and jokes were famed and shared.

A video song shared by Sofia in Tamil which talks about ‘fooling people’, ‘cheating voters’ and ‘My vote is not for you’ on social views. Amazingly, it has been viewed over 70,000 times.


Sofia and her group recorded the song on Poes Garden, where Ms. Sasikala lives. The video was recorded on Sunday night, after the announcement made by the AIADMK that she has been elected as the next CM. Earlier, she had been elected by the ruling party, days after the death of Jayalalithaa in December last year.

Congress Leader, P Chidambaram too supported his fellow citizens and political parties in the decision made by the ruling party. He twitted, “ The AIADMK has the right to elect her as the CM and so as the citizens has the right to ask if she deserves to be the CM of TamilNadu”.



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