Folks, it’s time to say “BYE” to Acne!


Just imagine, you woke up in the morning and found a red mark on your face. It can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory or people or Acne.

Don’t panic, it will be perfectly alright if you will bring certain changes in your daily routine along with your medication.

1. Emergency Acne kit

Firstly, console a dermatologist. He/she will guide you well about their medications and their usage in your daily life. It’s not only for healthy skin but also, a combination of good habits and brighter look.

2. Have a proper diet plan

Eliminate all glycemic-related foods those are above 70 like white bread, pasta, noodles. Say “NO” to fired cooking methods and items like chips and pakodas.

Limit the intake of too much sugar and sugary related beverages.

Add more nutrients in your diet as well as fat in your diet like Omega 3 fatty acids. Try to include low-fat dairy products in your diet. A probiotic curd is a good option for a proper diet.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Keep sipping throughout the day. Whether more or less. The recommended number of glasses is 10-12 per day. Fluids could be plain water or juices or green tea. It will clear your skin and free from toxins.


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