Secret Tricks of iOS 10 You Didn’t Knew!


Apple iOS 10 is here and the case to upgrade is a strong one thanks to a multitude of major new features. And this case gets even stronger given all the secret features iOS 10 also hides beneath the surface…


Here are some of the hidden features which you weren’t aware of.


  1. Quickly access your camera from the lock screen


If you’re looking to take a photo and time is of the essence, iOS 10 makes it easier and quicker than ever to call up the Camera app into action without having to first unlock your device. From the lock screen, simply swipe to the right and iOS will open up the Camera app.


  1. Lookup


Highlight a word in iOS 10 and you will see ‘Define’ has been replaced by ‘Look Up’ and includes the option to search for the term in the App Store, Apple Music, online search or Wikipedia. There’s third party app support for this as well, which could come in very handy indeed.


  1. Magnify your surroundings


If you’ve ever wanted to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass, the Accessibility options in iOS 10 will make your day: The new Magnifier setting in Accessibility turns your iPhone camera into a giant magnifying glass with a super-zoom, flashlight, brightness and contrast filter, and more.


  1. Auto-download albums added to Apple Music


Prior to iOS 10, the process for adding and then downloading a new album or song to your iOS device involved tapping on the “+” icon to add it to your account, then manually downloading it. As of iOS 10, you can set your device to download any content added to your Apple Music account just by tapping on the “+Add” button.


  1. Hide Unwanted Apps


 iOS 10 now lets users remove any stock app they don’t want (Stocks, Compass, I’m looking at you). This works the same way as removing third party apps: just long press on any app and hit ‘x’, they can be brought back in Settings.





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