What secrets are you hiding from your parents?


Though our parents are our wellwishers, we might not be able to share everything with them. Here is an experience shared by an person who is hiding secret from his parents.


My mother always complains that “Why don’t you save money for future?” My father suggests me regularly that savings are one of the most efficient weapons for a middle-class family for future uncertainties. I have been doing a job for over a year. But before the end of the month, my wallet is always empty. I have no savings for future.

My parents think that I am wasting money unnecessarily. But I don’t smoke, neither consume alcohol nor buy expensive clothes. Moreover, I don’t have any bad habit where I spend money irrelevantly. In the Last one year, I have visited many slums for official purpose. Then, I decided to help poor children personally after seeing their clumsy inhumane condition in slum areas.

I spend money from my salary for poor children, who need help. It is surprising that most of the slum children want to go school and they love to draw pictures. I send money to them regularly for their admission and tuition fees. Besides, I purchase stationery items ( e.g. books, that, pen, pencil, sharpener, pastel color box, eraser) for them. It gives me immense pleasure and self-satisfaction.

I hide it from my parents, friends, and relatives. Nobody knows about it. A few minutes ago, mother of a kid called me and told me that, “Shovan Bhai, my daughter Sadia has ranked 1st in Class 3.” Sadia’s mom was crying continuously. I was not able to hear her voice, except for her crying. After that, i was silent for few moments. I felt extreme happiness which cannot be explained in words.

Then, I sat on my room’s balcony with a cup of tea. From my balcony, I saw a rag picker, a girl, 4–5 years old, who was collecting garbage from the street. She was wearing only a torn pair of pants and no shoes on her feet. At this age, she should be busy with her homework, playing with dolls or with other kids, drawing colorful pictures and bringing up with the affection of parents.

But, unfortunately, she was on the street, begging for money, collecting trash for selling and all of it for just food. These homeless children don’t get to eat the whole day properly, let alone study. I felt empty from inside to see the adorable little girl in such a miserable condition.

Dad-Mom, I am sorry. I can not be so called responsible young person who saves money for his better future.


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