Revealed: Sports and Sexual exploitation


We do hear about sexual exploitation in entertainment industry, corporate world etc. But we would have hardly heard about sexual exploitation  in sports.

Sexual Exploitation and Sports -The Story

Shocking information has been revealed in the book by the former women football team captain, Sona Chaudhary. She alleges the team management staff to have sexually exploited the team players, in her book “Game in Game’. The captain was seen breaking into tears explaining the sad reality in an interview with a news channel.Sexually exploited
She says that the team management, coach and secretary used to sexually harass the players and the players were always forced to compromise for a place in the squad. The harassment was experienced by players across all levels, be it state or national team. The female players were tortured mentally as well as sexually just to secure their places on the team. They were compelled to make compromises. Sona explains that many players pretended to be lesbians just to avoid the harassment. The situation was no different on tours away as well. Despite the growing complaints from the team players, the coach and the staff members shared accommodation with the players. Their beds were placed together in the same room.


Sexually exploited
She brings before us all the hardships the players had to face. Apart from the torture the team also lacked any sufficient facilities. They were deprived of any social or economic support system. The brave captain says that, through her book, she is taking the initiative to fight for her players. ‘ My fight is with the system and not every player or coach is wrong’  says Sona who retired after facing a career ending injury to her knee and backbone.
The book is an effort taken to improve the conditions for the players at present. Sona Chaudhary says that book has 90 percent facts and only 10 percent fiction. It has the experiences that she had faced along with her teammates. The book with its last chapters explaining the shameful stories taking place off the ground was recently launch in Varanasi.

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