Shahid Kapoor’s little bundle of joy Misha Kapoor gets an Instagram account which is way too adorable!



The love showered by the fans for their favourite stars is undeniable. They can go to any level to prove themselves as the devoted fans. The Indian fans emotionally attach themselves to a star which is at times, quite amusing.


Shahid and Mira Kapoor have just become parents and by Shahid’s own admission, their little Misha is giving them sleepless nights.


Soon after Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira announced the name of their little princess Misha, a devoted fan went to another level to express his love for her by creating a dedicated Instagram account for her.


Even after breaking many hearts with his wedding announcement, a number of fans gathered outside his residence, some even from Pune. They came especially to congratulate Shahid and his wife. Some were said to have waited outside the couple’s home for over nine hours.


When Shahid got to know about this, he stepped out immediately to greet them. Not just that. the actor also chatted with them briefly and took lots of pictures with his fans.


Shahid’s fans were not pleased with his decision to go bald for his upcoming film Haider and the hashtag #DontGoBaldShahid was the top trend on Twitter for three days after he had revealed the impending loss of hair.


Shahid is among those celebs who really love their fans – he wore a bracelet they had given him for a long time, still uses the coffee flask they sent him years ago and always speaks very genuinely about them.


Shahid Kapoor has taken home the title of a celeb with the Craziest Fan Following in our Bollywood Life Film Awards 2015 – the first of its kind digital awards. Sasha got 34 percent of the votes and won the coveted trophy. His fans from all over the world who have a strong online presence with the numerous fan clubs on Twitter and Facebook voted for their favourite actor in large numbers.







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