How The Budget For Shivaji Statue Is Way More Than Mumbai’s Welfare Schemes


The BJP led Maharashtra government are putting in their best efforts to woo the Marathas. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Mumbai today to lay the foundation of the Statue of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Along with the 3,600 crore memorial, Modi also laid the foundation stones of metro rail projects in Pune and Mumbai. The memorial is a 192 m tall statue of the great  Maratha King. The site is outcrop, approx 1.5 km from Raj Bhavan shore. Talking about the memorial Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also said that the memorial is the tallest memorial in the world.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at the memorial | Source: PTI

The memorial project has been facing stiff competition from the environmentalists and the fishermen saying that it will destroy the marine life and disturb the ecology of the Arabian sea. An important concern here is also the huge amount of money being spent on the project.

A TOI survey also shows that the amount actually being spent is more than the budget of the majority of public welfare schemes.

A memorial more important than the education of children?



Health over a memorial?


Maybe drinking water was not as important as we thought it to be?



One seventh of importance than what holds a memorial holds?



Not even 10% of the memorial’s budget?



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