Shopaholic?? This May Help You Cure Yourself


Just like in the book/movie “Confessions of a shopaholic”,  there will be so many ‘Rebecca Bloomwood” trying to rest themselves from their shopping addiction. You may not be finding it easy to stop yourself from getting your hands on the new trends  and discount sales. But maybe you will be able to do so, at least up to some extent, by trying these out.

  •  No cards. Only cashshopoholic 1

Getting rid of the plastic money from your wallet would help to a great extent. When you shop using your debit or credit cards you are mostly unaware of the amount you spend. Although when you have a specific amount of money with you, you tend to stay in limits.

  • Away from shops, away from online stores

A very basic way to get control over your addiction is to stay away from anything tempting. Therefore, stay away from shops and even online stores. It would be exceptionally helpful if you keep yourself away from malls. In shopping malls, there is temptation everywhere. If you see those giant windows displaying brand new fashion trends, you may melt like butter.

Also, keep yourself away from online shopping binge. They may offer you enormous discounts, but do not be tempted. You may also choose to stay away from these sites for a while. Block them, temporarily at least.

  • Stay firm and focused.

Even though it may not be that easy job to get rid of your shopping addiction but let’s face it, it’s necessary. Stay firm, do not feel tempted. If you do feel tempted, ask yourself sensible questions;  if you really need to buy it, if you can afford it etc. If you are wise enough, this would help you curb your temptation.

  • Plan your money

The habit of a shopaholic is most likely to get you in deep debts. To keep yourself away from trouble, plan on spending your money. List of the things you actually need. Enlist them according to your pocket and requirements. Also, it is a good habit to save for something if you wish to spend on it.

  • Keep yourself busy

Many of the shopaholics hit the store to feel better or out of boredom. Shopping helps them elevate their mood. To rule out this possibility of a bad mood, get yourself busy with positive people. Have things other than ‘sale dates’ to look forward to. Hang out with friends and family and be engaged in enthusiastic activities. Meditation may also help.shopaholic

Even though ‘shopping for happiness’ seems fun, gradually it might start to weigh heavy on you. So, it becomes important that you restrain yourself from undesirable temptations. You may be having a difficult time as a shopaholic, try to attain that balanced lifestyle, but these tips will definitely help you to do so.







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