Shweta Agarwal Case: She was in Headlines in 2015 and Now Again but She’s Dead


She was in the headlines back in 2015. Shweta Agarwal had topped the class 12 examination.

Little did anyone know she would be back in the headlines, 2 years later. But this time it won’t be smiles, but tears of grief accompanying the news.


Back in 2015, her success was a big news and we blissfully decided to forget it with time. The news of her murder was not different either.

Don’t get me wrong, but how often do we decide to remember every single news headline, until this happened. I visited my Instagram account and the very first story read was this-

Her brother’s face says it all… sincere support for Bharat Agarwal and his family

I couldn’t understand the gravity of the situation so I decided to make a call and realized-

Shweta was my friend Bharat’s elder sister.

I was shocked, an eerie cold silence filled in the room, I felt a strange and numb sensation. My phone fell out of my hand and the crackling sound of it hitting the floor brought back some sense into me.

Bharat Agarwal joined our school back in June this year. We are students of Class 11 science, section B. I regret not having a proper picture of him, now that we may not see his usual smile again.

He is a brilliant student just like his sister was.

Our half-yearly exams are going on. They are really crucial for us to be promoted to 12th. Bharat hasn’t appeared for a single test yet! How is he supposed to! He was really close to his sister.

Here is the story behind her murder which is still a mystery. Initially, her death was thought to be a really strange suicide, until her alleged boyfriend Govind Singhal, who was also the prime suspect, confessed his crime.

She wanted him to talk to her parents about their marriage. He didn’t want to, things went sour, they began to quarrel and he bashed her head against the wall. She was dead, at least it was his conclusion. Govind, his mother and sister tried to dispose her body by burning it with kerosene, in their house! Seeing the smoke from their window and the foul smell, the neighbours called the police.

However, recent reports suggest that her throat was slit! It could have been a well planned murder. The truth is still hidden in the dark.

She trusted him, loved him with all her heart and all she got was ruthless death. Ultimately, life isn’t so fair. There are always people we love and expect to love us back, little do we care to know how genuine their love is.

Shweta left with silence. Her sufferings ended the moment she took her last breath, but the people she left behind, her parents and her little brother, will their sufferings ever end?


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