Skype May NOT Run On Some Phones Now!

Internet calling facility has undergone drastic changes over these years. Its video calling facility has enabled users to held conferences, meetings and interviews with people at distant places. It has also helped people living outside the country to ward off the feeling of home-sickness by regularly contacting their loved ones.
Skype is one such trusted applications which have helped connect people worldwide. In a recent announcement, the app owned by Microsoft claimed that it is about to complete its cloud environment and would no longer support some older versions of Android and Windows.

These changes would be applicable after October 2016 as per the announcement.

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In order to install the latest version of Skype on your Android devices, the device should have Android OS version 4.0.3 or above. Users working with Android OS 2.3 and above can use Skype

Also, the users of Windows Phone 8 or lower versions will not be able to use the latest version of the application. Gurdeep Pall, the Skype chief in his blog post ensured that the users can use the application efficiently while the team is working on the transition to the cloud.

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He furthermore explained various issues faced by the users around the globe and how the team has been sorting out all of them. For this, the user needs to update the app to be ensured benefit from the bug fixes and improvisations for a smooth transition from P2P environment to cloud.Skype
The post listed out the OS which the application would support. These include Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista, Yosemite on Mac, iOS 8 and Android 4.03. This step by the company would ensure that the majority of the Operating Systems and devices used are supported in order to improve its call quality and new features.


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