What is the sluttiest thing someone has ever told you?

Here is the experience of the person on asking him: What is the sluttiest thing someone has ever told you?


When I was about 20, I had this roommate “Tony.” Tony could’ve been a cast member on Jersey Shore. He lived to tan, go to the gym, and chase “dimes.” When he wasn’t at school or work, he was doing everything in his power to bring girls back to our place.

He wanted sex constantly, and he wanted it with different women. If he could bring a different girl home every night, he would have, and he certainly tried to.

Initially, I didn’t have a problem with this. We had our rooms, and I was not going to judge. However, it didn’t take long before girls started to overlap and he was bringing me into it.

It began with answering the door. One of his “side chicks” would show up nervous and teary-eyed asking for Tony. Tony would be holed up in bed with someone else and have me say her ‘Tony’s not here.’ She’d ask if I’d heard from him, that she hasn’t been able to reach him and I’d feel guilty staring into her eyes. I’d tell her I hadn’t, both of us knowing full well where he was. But, I let this go.

Then, it progressed to mornings. After a girl would sleep over, Tony would be in this huge rush to send one of the girls on her way, presumably so he could meet someone else. When she would (rightly) suspect something, he will bring me into the conversation. “Tell her she’s crazy” he’d say or “Tell her, she’s the only one for me. Tell her, how much I talk about her. I can’t believe she thinks there are other girls. She’s crazy right?”

I tried my best to just stay out of it until “Carly” got pregnant. Carly was an 18-year-old freshman who still lived at home. She was this quiet, unassuming girl who honestly thought Tony was going to commit to making a family with her.

When she first told him, Tony was sweet and loving. He told her, he’d be there and they’d get through this. However, he was under the impression she was having an abortion. He didn’t sweat the details and continued to see other girls. I didn’t keep track, but there were at least two others at this point.

About three weeks into the pregnancy, Tony starts getting stern, telling her “You are getting an abortion.” Carly is adamant that she’s keeping it, that that’s not how she was raised. This is when Tony goes full psychopath.

He starts screaming and throwing things. He gets right in her face saying “you’re not going to do this to me. If you have that kid, you’re going to raise it yourself! I’m leaving the country!”. Carly is crying hysterically and leaves our apartment a total emotional wreck.
I don’t know what to say, but I’m pretty disgusted watching this unfold. I ask Tony how he can talk to her like that. He shrugs, flipping through his phone and says “I already have six lost souls. What’s a seventh? It’s not a big deal”.

This was five years ago. I’ve met a lot of people and seen a lot since then, but that has still stuck with me as the “sluttiest” thing or attitude anyone has ever expressed to me.


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