Smartphones addiction makes up obesity risk in teens


Are you facing the same problem as most of the parent’s face? Is your child addicted more towards Smartphones, tablets? Teens who are glued to their smartphones, tablets are more likely to become obese.

Those who use screen devices for at least five to six hours a day are twice as likely to drink beverages and eventually leading to weight gain.

Researchers found that around 43 percent of the increased risk towards obesity than the students without electronic devices.

It’s advisable for all parents to keep an eye on their kids if they are using these devices more than six hours. After all, it’s a matter of health.

Nowadays kids don’t watch TV, rather they have been shifted towards the electronic devices. As per the previous studies, kids who watch TV more than five hours a day were as likely same as a person consuming sugar beverages in a tripled amount. It was also found that nearly 78 percent of kids get obese in comparison to the kids those who don’t watch.

But, now the kids were shifted more towards electronic devices. Five hours of screen device every day were linked to doubled the risk of drinking beverages and a 74 percent risk of poor sleep.

Actually, if we look to the past recent years, a lot of money has been spent towards marketing on social media for smartphones, tablets & video games rather than marketing on food & beverages.

Notably, years ago, kids would play on the playground at recess or while from school to home. But, in this 20th century, indoor games happen to be the first priority.

It’s not a surprise that those children who are addicted towards electronic devices are more obese than the children who are playing outdoors. As it involves physical activity, but that lack in video games which in turn give rise to more health issues.

So, the solution to this problem is to concern with a pediatrician & find out strategies to cut down!


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