What is something that you do regularly but is pointless?


Here are some of the things that we do regularly but is pointless:

Buying nail clippers. Yes, seriously.

You’re probably wondering… How many nail clippers could I possibly need, right? Whatever the answer to that is, it has nothing to do with my reason for buying nail clippers regularly. You see, I tend to get hangnails all the time. Like, ALL the time. It’s annoying. When I was a kid, I used to pull them off, hoping I wouldn’t tear too much skin. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always successful, and I’d often take off quite a chunk, and it would get infected.

Sorry, too much information.

Anyway, once I started taking on a “get rid of all inconveniences in life” approach to living (one I’m still trying to perfect), one thing that I addressed was this stupid tendency of mine to just tear off hangnails. My solution was to buy a bunch of nail clippers, and just take one with me everywhere I went.

Here’s the problem… I kept forgetting. That, or I’d bring them somewhere, take them out of my bag/jacket for whatever reason, and they never got replaced.

So, to punish myself for my stupidity, anytime that I find myself with a hangnail and without nail clippers, I go to the nearest pharmacy or drugstore and buy some. Pointless, right?

As a result of this, I easily have over 20 nail clippers scattered throughout my belongings. Yes, this could have been solved by just remembering to take nail clippers with me, or just being patient enough to clip my hangnails off once I get home. But this is just one of my quirks, no matter how pointless it may be.


I twist and pull on my doorknob when I leave my house, just to make sure the door is locked.

Yes, I know I just closed it. Yes, I know I’ve never left it unlocked And yes, I know I’m thinking these thoughts as I lock the door. But despite all this, I absolutely must test my door one more time before I leave my house. It’s completely pointless, but I do it anyway.

I take a coffee cup lid further down in the stack, but never the first one.

I can’t quite explain this because I think I have some kind of paranoia that the top lid on the stack has something wrong. Perhaps it fell on the table, and someone just put it on the top of the pile, not thinking about who’s going to get it. Maybe someone sneezed near the lids, and the top covers were the most exposed to it. So I’ll always take the second one down, or further.


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