Father’s Murder- Son Accused Of Cutting Into Pieces



IT professional from Kerala has been convicted of  his NRI father’s murder over a property dispute. Police state the 37-year-old accused shot dead his father, cut them into pieces and dumped in various places.

The Story Of The Cold Blooded Murder

The victim , 68 year old Joy V John who is settled in the US was back home visiting his family when the ill fated day struck. The accused, Sherin John had gone out with Joy on Wednesday, to repair the A/C of their car but went missing. Their phones were found to be switched off. Later that night, Sherin had called his mom confessing he had committed a mistake. Following this, Joy’s wife Mariamma lodged a complaint with the police.murder 1

The police had found remains of burnt human flesh and other clues from a building under the ownership of the family. Further investigation performed focusing Sherin’s mobile data brought the police’s suspicion on him, leading to his arrest.

Sherin reports that on their way to workshop, the two got into a dispute over property issues which enraged him to fire bullets at his father using a gun he had kept under his custody. Joy was found dead instantly. After spending hours driving through the city, he headed to their building where he tried burning the body other junks using 10 litres of petrol. As the body began to burn, a terrified Sherin shut the fire and ended up cutting the body into 6 pieces. He then packed the pieces separately in various sheets and sacks and dumped them in various locations.muder 1

Sherin lead the police to recover the dumped body parts of the victim. The body was cut into 6 pieces- legs, hands, torso and head separately.

Even after committing such a grave crime, Sherin seems unmoved by the incident. The police, from the behaviour of the accused, suspect that ignorance and insensitive behaviour of the father since his childhood might have affected Sherin mentally prompting him to commit this murder.



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