Say Hello To Sonipat’s Omelet Artist!

Eating is a passion for many people and trying out new cuisines is their ultimate goal. Eggs are the most common element in every nonvegetarians life. Presentation works wonders and Rajkumar is a master in that.
Rajkumar is an artist of the omelet. Working from his small cart in Haryana’s Sonipat town, he transforms the mundane into the magical.
 He describes his omelet recipe as special because of its taste which is incomparable and unique. He puts up his stall near the Devi Lal Chowk around 5 pm and winds up around 11 pm. Life is never easy for people who have such immense talent. Rajkumar has to fight through many circumstances to earn his livelihood. There was a case where three teenagers refused to almost more than half of the bill.

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Rajkumar also peddles ande-ki-bhurji, which he calls ande ka keema, finely-minced eggs, again with the zest of ginger and garlic in tandem. On the night, however, he proposes another specialty: double half-fry eggs. “I promise, you will come back for more,” he says.
He describes his recipe in the most interesting manner. At first, we see a small slab of butter changing its form on a heated pan. Then two eggs are broken with respect and poured into a stainless steel glass. He then gives the final touch to the preparation by adding a mélange of masalas along with decent portions of minced ginger and garlic and a few chopped sprigs of coriander leaves into the glass.

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 The eggs are whipped in a vigorous and peculiar manner until Rajkumar’s satisfaction. Then, the mix is poured into the pan making a familiar crackling sound as the runny liquid collides with melted butter. The beaten egg is molded into the shape of a full moon in yellow and then made to settle on its back. After the dish is shaped and cooked to satisfaction, Rajkumar provides a small surprise. A slice half of lemon is squeezed into the eggs.
Such artists in India spend their whole life at a stall and are never given the importance and opportunity to grow and show their talent to the world. India needs to know what it has got!


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