“Vaise Bhi Mere Account Mein Rs 15 Hai, Chod Na”: My Story- How I Dealed With A Spam Caller Trying to Get My Account Details.


It’s Monday. I get a call.

Caller: good afternoon sir.

Me: good afternoon.

Caller: sir your card has been blocked.

Me: cool.

Caller: sir do you understand?? your card will be locked permanently and you cannot use it sir.

Me: thik hain. Koi baat nahi (Okay, no problem).

Caller: sir lagta hai aap samjhe nahi..bank ne apka card block kar diya hai.(sir i don’t think you understood. Bank has blocked your card.)

Me: ab bank ne card block kiya matlab mera bhala soch kar hi kia hoga na? ( Bank must have blocked my card for my own safety reasons, right ?)

Caller: are sir how can you say this? You can’t withdraw any money from your account.

Me: jane de yaar.. Waise bhi account mein bas 15 rupaye hai aur aaj hi mujhe Naukri se nikal diya hai. toh agle month ki salary bhi nahi ayegi. (Ok chuck it. My account has 15 INR anyways and today my company asked me to step down so I won’t be getting my salary for the next month either)

Caller: par sir apka card..woh.block..(now sounding desperate) just tell us your card number and 3 digit PIN that is on the back of your card sir so that we can unblock it(but sir your card will be blocked..bla bla bullshit)

Me: sab moh maya hai re bangadu! Dekh Bhai already Monday hai, aur dimag garam mat kar mera, kaam karne de(Everything is an illusion you stupid! Look It’s Monday so don’t make me angry now and let me do my work)


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