We Spent Our lives Practising Them As Good Habits, We Were Wrong


Starting from childhood, we have been given stress upon learning good habits. We had to go through many stages to make them a part of our life. What would happen if someone told you that some of them were actually bad ones?


There is still time. Buck up and correct yourselves with these common bad habits that we misunderstood to be good habits!


Myth-1 Daily dose of Vitamins makes you healthier


A healthy diet containing fruit and juice can give the body all the vitamins it needs. In the case of illness or pregnancy, only a doctor can determine exactly which vitamins or other elements the body needs.


Myth-2 Turn Away from Someone Who is Ill


It’s not a bad thing if you can avoid being in the same building as someone who is ill. But holding your breath every time the person sitting at the next desk sneezes or coughs is useless. When they sneeze, germs fly out of a person’s air passages at a speed of five meters per second, and the number of these molecules is so great that there’s enough for every member of the population.


Myth-3 Take A Nap After Lunch


When a person goes to sleep, their body begins to place calories “in reserve” instead of burning them. In this way, sleep after a heavy meal can lead to additional weight gain. If you really want to take a nap after a meal, first go for a 20-minute walk in order to burn off some of those calories.


Myth-4 Sleeping For Long Hours Makes You Feel Better


Many people think that the more we sleep, the more our body is able to rest. But, in fact, oversleeping can be just as harmful as under sleeping. An adult should sleep for around eight hours – it’s in this amount of time that the body can successfully restore itself.

These are the common myths about some non good habits that we have busted!


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