Do you starve often? It leads to ‘cell-death’, harmful for body!


Are you one of them who starve for food for the purpose of weight loss? According to the researchers, they have characterized the cell death process due to starvation in which endoplasmic reticulum plays the major role. The study got published in Journal Molecular and Cellular Biology.

“Usually the programmed cell death is called as apoptosis, that follows a biological pathway related to the permeabilization of Mitochondria. However, we observed that in the case of cell death due to lack of glucose, cells die in an unexpected way. The similar process needs to be followed to what we would expect from immune response.”

During the cell death-related treatments such as chemotherapy, the Mitochondrial cell gets activated. And, when we starve, the so-called death receptors gets activated on their membrane. Those receptors are normally used by the lymphocytes of the immune system to attack and destroy the affected cells.

Researchers have been able to relate the activation of these membrane receptors to the Endoplasmic Reticulum; a cellular organelle which is involved in protein synthesis and lipid metabolism as well as intracellular transport.

“When you feel the stress, it would be due to the lack of nutrients. At that time, the reticulum sends an alarm signal that triggers the appearance of death receptors in the cellular membrane.”

This is how the tumor cells located in the center of a tumor, the so-called necrotic core-die. They die because of a limited number of nutrients present in those areas. On the other hand, in Ischemia; besides the lack of oxygen; there is also cell death due to lack of glucose. So, this could be related to the activity of Endoplasmic Reticulum at a very biological level.



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