Only Once you Stay Away from your Family, you would realize How much they Mean to you


There will be a certain age when all of us have to move out whether for schools, college or job to another city or to somewhere else. To be an adult, one has to move out from the comfort zone and experience the outside world. No doubt, we all drive crazy when we are with family members, but we will truly cherish the relationship and that’s happening when we are away from home.

As said, distance makes the relationship stronger. Staying away from families will ultimately bring us closer to them.

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Those are home away, Ghar ka Khana means a lot to them. Can you recall, how your mom used to pack your tiffin with parathas and pickle for school? Those were disliked by you and Now? Desperately waiting to crave them, right? Do you remember, how come your mom used to knock your door and tell you to get some work done & you avoid it and pretend to sleep. And the rest of the day, she would nag for the same. But, now you miss those knocking on doors as well as nags. You will realize soon that there is no comfort zone except home.

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Realizations come with maturity and maturity comes with experiences. It’s very important for all of us to come out from the comfort zones, our homes in order to see the world in a different perspective. For Example, to know our parents better, we need to know ourselves first. We can only learn through experiences.

Have you ever got worried, whenever your mom haven’t called you for 24 hours long?keep-calm-your-mom-is-calling-1As we all know that we avoid conservation with our parents whatsoever may be the reason. Our conversations with our parents are short. Well, that’s the beauty of Indian parents.

Suddenly, one day you skipped your dinner and your mother called up and says that Why did you skip? You must be amazed of how tensed she sounded when she was a thousand miles away. But, the irony of the situation that you would surely miss her when she don’t call up. You might not agree, but it’s true. There is a strong connection between mother and daughter who fights a lot no matter what but will keep worrying about each other all the time. There is another case when you usually worry. You come back home from the office and found your mother to be not there, you really become very anxious as if, Is something wrong happened to her? Even though she will be in the upstairs. Well, this is my personal experience!

Spend most of the time with your families, as they are ONLY the important persons in your life.




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