Stop Saying Technology is Causing Social Isolation


In the recent years, we have seen a vast enhancement in the field of technology. It has become an important part of our lives. With the introduction of Smartphones, no one seems to be unaware of technology.


There have been speculations that technology has resulted in social isolation. This is not the case always. Things are sometimes different from what they appear.


According to a Pew Internet Personal Networks and Community survey, which polled 2,512 adults, the dawn of new technology and the Internet has not caused people to withdraw from society. In fact, the study found that “the extent of social isolation has hardly changed since 1985, contrary to concerns that the prevalence of severe isolation has tripled since then.”


Instruments that enable interaction in ways that just weren’t possible before, connecting us with people all around the world, via Twitter, instant messaging or other services. People say that if you want to interact with people, you should interact with the ones around you, and that is probably true on certain occasions. Except for that, should be able to interact with whomever they please without being judged by people for using a smartphone to do so.


Let’s not fool ourselves. People, in general, do not like to interact with strangers in these contexts. The picture above clearly explains the point. It was the time when smartphones were far from existing; they just used another object instead, like a newspaper.


The diversity of people’s core networks also tends to be wider for IT-friendly individuals, according to a survey.


Social networks tend to be 25 percent larger among mobile phone users than non-users, 15 percent wider for basic Internet users and even larger for frequent Internet users, instant messengers and those sharing photos online.


Internet users were as likely as anyone else to visit their neighbours and take part in local community activities, the results showed.






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