This story of a couple explaining true love will make you fall in love

This story of two partners in a relationship explained in their words goes as follows:
Me and my wife dated for ten years (since school days) and then married in 2014.
We were in same class but different sections. I came to know about her in 10th class from my friends who were attending a coaching with her, and that was the first time I saw my queen (while I am writing, memories refreshed 🙂 ). A girl with sheer innocence, beautiful dimple smile and very jolly nature. We became friends over daily leg-pulling (in science labs, coaching, class, etc.) in 11th class when we were in the same section.
I still remember how I was too eager to go to school just to get a glimpse of her beautiful smile when our batchmates skipped school to prepare for competitive exams or board exams.
Fast forward, here is a list of things what makes me fall in love with her again and again:
1.Her beautiful smile
2.Her innocent, serene Hello every time she picks a phone from an unknown number. I make sure to call her often from new number, reminds me of golden days when I use to call her from PCO phone booths 🙂
3.Her childish activities, asking to be pampered more
4.Her culinary skills: homemade pizza, Gandhi Chawla, dal-roti and much more
5.Golgappe is the solution to cheer-up her mood every time. Just imagine how much I would have saved on gifts 😉
6.Chai- She was Catholic sometime back but now 1–2 mugs a day, but it should be prepared only by me
7.And her non-stop chattering of those 20000 words, which woman speak in a day, at the end of the day. Before marriage, it was over the phone (as we were in long distance relationship) and now over dinner/tea/fights.


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