This Story of a Couple in a Long Distance Relationship will make you go AWW!


It’s very tough for couples to be in a long distance relationship, especially for a spouse who is in the military it is very difficult to maintain the relation. There are so many setbacks and hard times that are witnessed in the process of making such relationships work-out. Here is one such conversation of a couple in a long distance relationship. This story of a couple in a long distance relationship will make you go AWW!

‘Give me a kiss,’ I whispered on the phone call.
He did.
‘No. In person’, I replied quietly.
He sighed.

Back then, he was pursuing his studies in the US, and I was residing in Australia. It was a long distance relationship. We met once every six months or so. It was the same month that a very close friend of mine passed away. I would often time burst out crying while he was on the other end of the line with me. He had his final exams going on when I was pretty much depressed about my best friend. He would still listen to me patiently. No complaints, no judgments. He was there for me as a best friend and lover. Just to pacify me.
‘My last exam is over,’ he exclaimed on the phone call.
‘That’s great. I miss you.’
‘Me too.’

Twenty-seven hours later, he was in Australia excitedly waiting at the international airport. It was a mixture of shock, anxiousness, and happiness.
‘You…came for me?’
‘But. Why?’
‘You asked for a kiss. So, I came to steal a kiss from you’ He trailed off with a smile.
So that’s the best thing that someone has ever done for me. Travelling 15,175 km for love. Or maybe for a kiss. I don’t know.


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