This Story Of A Couple Will Give You One of The Best Advice of Life



This story has given me one of the best advice ever in life.

Once my mom lost her money.

Maa: It was right here in my wallet.

Dad: How much?

Maa: 6, all thousand rupee notes.

Dad: That’s ok, leave it now.

Next day,

Dad keeps 6 thousand in the cupboard. After few hours,

Dad: Hey, I found your money.

Maa: Where? (Surprised)

Dad: See, it is in the cupboard.

Maa: Oh! Maybe I had misplaced it.

When just me and my Dad came out in the evening.

Me: Why did you keep the money dad?

Dad: Sumanth, If it was me who had lost the money, I would have forgotten it by this time. I really don’t have the habit of saving the money. It is your mom who does that, she values it. I value her and I can’t see her being all sad about it. So I just did it. You know? Anything for your mom.

Me: Mmmm. (Thinking deep)

Dad: When you are in a relationship, don’t be the reason for their tears, be the person who wipes it and is the reason for their happiness.

I can’t be more thankful to him 🙂 One of the best advice ever.



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