My Story: How a Good Mentor Changed My Life


I had heard about this word “Mentor” but never really got a chance to experience it.  I thought of the college life to be very interesting before depression caught me. Life was boring. All I had to do was study, attend classes, tuitions and then back home. I was also preparing for CAT and hence stress levels were high. Although it was my dream that I was trying to pursue, but I found an unhappy me. Things were not bad, but they were dull and monotonous.

That was the time when I got to experience an interaction session with the Global CEO (as he is truly referred to) Mr. Tarun Anand, co- founder of UBS Mumbai. He is a person, who at the age of 35 became the youngest Indian to hold the position of managing director at Thomson Reuters, South Asia. Only a fool could have missed a chance to meet him.

After those 60 minutes of the session, I was a completely different person. His words had touched my heart and made me think what I was up to. He reignited the spark in me.  “When you think one door has closed, always remember, there is always another door”.

And I realized, yes! There is another door, I just have to look for it.

Most of the times we forget that God always has a plan for us. We just end up losing faith in him and in the life. When one door closes, another door always opens. It’s WE who often end up regretting at the closed ones that we do not see the ones that have opened for us. The world is full of opportunities, if we could only see them. That is one of the biggest lessons he taught me.

The second thing that I learned was “ Risk is the key to success”.

We all often avoid risk. Whether it is in our daily life or in the business. He told me that it’s okay to be wrong and it’s okay to fail. We do not need to be right most of the time. Every time when we are right, we end up learning nothing. And It’s compulsory that we are wrong sometimes. Being wrong is an opportunity for change. And it is an opportunity that needs not be missed.

His words that are still engraved in my memory and always will are’


“ Don’t be afraid to take risks and make a mistake. But make sure you do not end up making the same mistake twice. Always remember you risk, you fail, you learn.”

We all come across many people in life and I have never seen a person as successful as him with such gratitude, positivity, down to earth nature and a kind heart.

You never know how one person can change your life and your perception towards life completely. Out of a million things that I have learned, I have learned the quality of “Gratitude” from him.

I truly believe,” A teacher explains, but a Mentor inspires”.  



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