We have no time to stand in queues as our exams are nearer” Youth takes Stand


The sudden announcement of demonetization has become a bomb blast right from the students to the workers.

Many students are approaching petrol pumps in order to get a change, but they have to return cashless.

Students standing in the queues expecting to get cash of Rs 100 but either the bank shuts down or else they get Rs 2000.

Despite having enough cash, they are unable to pay their fees as they could end up into a Rs 2000.

Manjula Chadwani, an MBA student said, “I have no time to stand in queues as my exams are nearer”.

Gaurav Thakre says, “I tried to pay the bills but they refused to take old currencies”.

Consequently, the use of debit card & credit cards has increased. Students buy medicines or vegetables from any supermarket or mall using cards. As petrol pumps also not providing changes, for this reason, the students need to fill petrol of Rs 350 in wheelers & rest Rs 150 carry handy.

Students need to borrow money & spend their expenditure. But for how long, will this continue?

Even students face the same problem with doctors. They visit doctors for a check-up, the doctors refused to take 500 rupees notes.

Students in JNU facing the same Hardship. The biggest drawback-an ATM in the campus but not working!

Open & close of ATMs is not mentioned. Students stand in queues but go back cashless.
Akraprava Bhattacharya, a student of IIM-Raipur, “Considers cashless transactions is increasingly immensely”.

Even outsiders have to face the same problem. Outsiders coming to visit but unable to spend their expenditures because of the “no exchanging” policy. Students search their wallets in order to get some changed coins to have at least a plate of panipuri.

In fact, students think the government should have introduced gradually. Not all of a sudden, like a bomb blasts in the city & destroying cities.

Students who are physically challenged /impaired has to face the at most problem. Even if they move to ATM to get cash out, they need someone to help them. As a result, they lead to cashless.

Travelling also put a great impact on people. Enable to travel to their respective destinations. They need money to run to their homes.



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