Study: “Face with tears of joy” is the most popular Emojis


People all over the world like the “Face with tears of joy” Emoji, except the romantic French who prefer “heart” Emoji, according to a study that analyzed 427 million messages from nearly four million smartphone users in 212 countries and regions.

University of Michigan (U-M) and Peking University researchers analyzed whether Emoji use is universal or differed based on user location and culture. The researchers use an input keyboard app- Kika Emoji keyboard- it is made available in 60 languages. It is the first large-scale analysis of Emoji usage.

We all know that Emojis are everywhere. They are becoming as “the appearance language” that is spread across different culture, said Wei-Ai, a Doctoral student at the U-M and one of the leading authors of the study.

Ai and his colleagues found that “Face with tears of joy” Emoji is the most popular Emoji used, it comprises of 15.4 percent of the total symbols in the study. The heart Emoji and the heart eyes Emoji are the second and third best ones that are followed.

According to the reports, the French love using Emoji the most, almost 20 percent of the messages are found to be this Emoji, followed by Russian and Americans.

In the line of perception of culture, French uses Emoji related to heart, whereas Russians use Emojis related to faces.

More countries like Australia, France, and the Czech Republic overwhelming use more happy Emojis.

According to their perceptions as high-indulgent cultures, countries like Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina don’t use more positive Emojis to express their happiness, researchers said.

However, countries like French, Hungarians and Ukrainians are less likely to use negative Emojis.

Our report shows that people use Emoji according to their preferences”, said Qiaozhu Mei, associate professor of the University of Michigan.



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