Study: Indians feel sick because of working too much!


We think most Indians go through the similar way. Go to work in the morning, complain about the evening, feel tired and sleep and the process continues. And, once this starts we can’t stop it because every one of us wants a successful, happy and secure life.

But, none of us ever received about our present in search of what could be an elusive dream. What’s the point in taking so much stress? We can live comfortably and carefree for the rest of our lives.

Sadly, most of us don’t think so. We only focus our life with work, leaving behind the health issues. We are always conditioned. But, in this mad rat race, we may feel sick.

According to the study, our job really makes us ill and stressed. The data collected by the Mintel on last June shows that around one among every five Indians between the age of 18 to 64 is the ones who are extremely tired.65385c11-4d93-47a4-9bff-a2916d651396

That’s that 22% of our working population. Only the spikes of the women population are 25%.

To avoid such issues, diet should be taken care of, and make sure to go for a jog and workout session to beat diabetes a heart disease. However, a few night shifts and late working hours may often result in feeling sick.

In 2016, India ranked 4th on most vacations deprived nation list. On a weekly basis, most millennials work for 52 hours.

We Indians should sit seriously and ask few questions to ourselves. What am I doing, is that right?


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