These Mind-blowing Substances Defy The Laws of Physics


We have rules and laws for everything these days and they all seem to get broken. This is also the case for the laws of science and laws of physics.

“Smart” substances can change their shape according to the influence of external conditions, can change from a gaseous state to a hard metal, or can even freeze at a high temperature.

Here are some mind-boggling substances that defy the laws of physics.

  1. Quintet of Smile

If you have never thought of human teeth as creepy, now you know better. The stuff of nightmares from Hitoshi Itoh. There’s more in his personal Flickr account.

2.Shapeshifting Metamaterial Can Remember

Researchers at Cornell University have recently stumbled upon a type of shapeshifting DNA metamaterial — a synthetic hydrogel that can remember its original shape and return to it. Those letters spelling out “DNA” were actually the material’s original form, and the addition of water acted as a signal for it to resume that form.

3.The metal that melts in your hands

We all remember seeing liquid metals in physics class, but one that melts at room temperature is something else entirely from the laws of physics. But the surprise doesn’t stop there. In hot water, materials made from gallium melt before your eyes.If aluminum comes into contact with gallium, it becomes brittle. Despite this issue, gallium alloy is often used in the high technology sector.

4. Graphene Can Do Almost Anything

Visible to the human eye in a layer that’s only one atom thick, able to bend into shapes that would make your mum blush (no small feat, the strumpet), and pound-for-pound quite probably the strongest material in the world — graphene.

5.The metal with a memory

Objects made from nitinol — a titanium and nickel alloy — are capable of “remembering” their original form, returning to it when heated. If only we could do the same!


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