Sundar Pichai, TALK at IIT Kharagpur: In his own alma mater


As we all know, college is the most memorable time in all of your life. No matter how far you go, where you reach, coming back to one’s alma mater is always a special feeling. Currently, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai had the chance to experience that feeling when he visited his undergraduate college, IIT-Kharagpur today.

The event titled out, ‘A journey back to the past to inspire the future’. This event was hosted by comedians Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath.

Over 3,500 students listened to him in the open theatre in the institute.

Here, are the top quotes by man himself.

#1 When we came to mess, people would ask to guess, whether sambhar or dal

#2 He met Anjali, his wife at IIT Kharagpur


#3 That “Abbey Saale” moment

#4 Sundar Pichai on his interview process at Google


#5 His admires Narayan Murthy a lot

#6 Favorite actress- Deepika Padukone

#7 He was told to carry luggage of his seniors from Kharagpur station (Ragging, Lol)

#8 Sundar Pichai about Champion Virat Kohli

#9 How Can I replace Google, asked by a student


#10 His GPA in college

#11 He shared his leadership skillsleader

#12 India will be a global player in India economy



#13 Prestigious institute doesn’t ensures success

iits#14 Academicsacademics#15 Talks about his visit to his college, IIT Kharagpur




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