It’s Sunday + Maggi Kinda Day. Try out these 6 mouth-watering Maggi Dishes With a Twist!


Maggi is the ultimate answer to each and every question. Whether, it is a get together with friends, Late night watching movies or Missing Your Mumma’s food.

Probably, It has become a part of staple food now. When Maggi was banned, many hearts were broken and so many kitchen cabinets were empty. But, when the good news came out, all welcomed back it happily to their kitchens.

We all know, that 2 minutes yummy Maggi. But, it’s time for the twist!

Here are some mouth watering recipes with a twist to get best out of it. Checkout!

  1. Corn and Cheese Maggimaggi-indian-curry-768x576

Boil the Noodles, add a pinch of salt along with the tastemaker given in the packet. Add, corn kernels in it. Then, top with some grated cheese before serving.

  1. Chilli Maggi

This recipe is for all the Indo-Chinese lovers!chilli

Boil the noodles without the tastemaker. While the noodles being cooked, add oil to a pan. Once the oil gets hot, add chopped garlic and onions to it. Once, onions become translucent and then, add capsicum and sauté for a while. Next, goes the tomatoes and chillies into it. After the mixture goes mushy, add soya, tomato and chilli sauce. Add the slurry (corn flour + water) into the mixture. Lastly, goes the Maggi tastemaker along with the boiled noodles.

  1. Maggi Masala Tikkii

Do you have some Leftover Maggi? Why don’t you try these Tikkii?Maggi-Masala-Tikki-Recipe-768x559

Boil the noodles along with the tastemaker. Then, add grated potatoes to the boiled noodles. Then, goes the ginger-garlic paste, chat masala, salt and Cilantro. Moreover, you can even add Veggies too. Mix everything well and give the shape of Tikki. Either, shallow fry or dry fry it and Serve hot!

  1. Maggi Stuffed Omelette

Have you tried out by eating the regular Omelette? Try this omelette with a twist.Omelette_Rice_580x387

Boil the noodles with the tastemaker. On the other side, break eggs in a bowl, add salt, milk and chilli powder to it. Whisk the mixture well and add it to the pan. Cook the omelette from both the sides. Once cooked, add the noodles mixture and fold the omelette to cover the noodles. You can serve with Ketchup or Chutney.

  1. Maggi Bhel

For all the Chat lovers, a special Bhel for You!bhel

Roast the noodles till golden brown. Once they cool down, crush them. Mix tomato ketchup with the Maggi tastemaker and water and keep it aside. Mix tomato ketchup with the tastemaker and keep it aside. In a large bowl, add onions, tomatoes, peanuts, tastemaker mix, red chilli powder, chat masala, sugar, salt, lemon juice, green chillies and raw mangoes. You can then add murmura, Nylon sev and the roasted noodles to the mixture. Mix the mixture and it’s ready.

  1. Chicken Maggichicken

Firstly, boil the noodles and keep it aside. Heat oil in a pan and then add chopped onions, ginger-garlic paste and chicken pieces. Saute it until the chicken cooks well. Add the noodles and salt to it. Serve hot!

So, which one you gonna try out today?

Happy Sunday!



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