Taiwan To Ban Sale And Consumption of Dog & Cat Meat


Taiwan becomes first Asian Country to ban sale and consumption of Dog and Cat Meat.

The country’s Parliament has approved the bill against the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption.

Anyone who is caught buying, eating or selling dogs and cats meal will be fined up to €6,500 (approx. Rs5,26,000). However, anyone who intentionally eats or kills dogs and cats meal will be fined up to €52,000 (approx. Rs 42,08,000) and two years in jail.

These laws have been passed to improve the country’s animal protection law.

Previously, HongKong had banned the slaughter and sale of cat and dog meat. But, specifically not banned in consumption. China also banned the sale of dog meat but not outlawed its consumption.

This makes Taiwan being the first country to ban both sale and consumption of dog and cat meat.



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