Taking Pills With Juice? This Is What Happens!


It has been a notion among people that taking medicines with juice would be effective. But this conception is totally mistaken. Medicines, when taken with mostly citrus fruits, tend to become less effective according to the Indian Medical Association.

The association also said that the absorption of medicines, when taken with juices, has been affected by chronic diseases such as hypertension and such people suffering from such diseases should strictly take these pills with water.

According to a recent study made by the association, it has been found that Orange and apple juices lower the absorption of certain drugs thus reducing its effect. Grape juice increases the absorption which can turn normal doses reactive.

Grapefruit juice should never be taken with medicines because they disrupt the working of enzymes thereby increasing the amount of medicine absorption by the body resulting in an overdose.pills Grapefruit-Juice-and-Medicine-May-Not-Mix

This juice doesn’t go well with medicines used for treating allergies which enter into the body with the help of proteins called transporters which the Grapefruit juice blocks and reduces the amount of absorption considerably making it ineffective.

Citrus fruit juices disrupt the absorption process in two ways. In a first way, they change the PH level of the blood and in the other way, they break the coating of the pills. So, most of the doctors advise their patients to take medicines only with water.ucm369744

In India, it has been found that most of the patients don’t follow any of the rules pointed on the prescriptions and the pharmacists are unaware of how the medicines should be taken which leaves a patient astray and do the way they like.

Few of the Indian doctors write a detailed prescription describing the time of the meal, time of day and how the medicines can be taken to avoid any side-effects.

Aspirin hits the stomach badly when taken before meals and Iron should never be taken with Milk and calcium.



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