Technology and Development


    imageIndia has progressed remarkably in the last 65 years, since independence on many fronts. It has not only managed to rise out of the oppression era but also has emerged as a power to reckon with. Technology plays an increasingly important role in delivering effective aid and development programs. The rapid technological innovation of the past 20 years has spawned numerous opportunities for improving the quality of life and work globally. But to take advantage of technology-driven opportunities, people and the communities in which they live must have affordable access to the tools, including advanced telecommunications, computers, and software, and they must learn how to use these tools and to create new uses that benefit their lives and work. A diverse range of technologies are already playing a significant role in promoting economic development. Technology helps bring the world in one’s hand. On the other hand economical
    development helps a country to advance their technology. So technology and economic
    development both are interdependent. Information communications technology (ICT) is not only one of the fastest growing industries but is also directly creating millions of jobs and it is also an important enabler of innovation and economic development.
    New technology, biotechnological innovations, and robotics are but a few of the powerful drivers of change.

    How technology helps in development:

    * Technology for monitoring the environment serving the country from different types of natural disasters. People are now much aware about the coming disasters and they can take safe steps that reduce the expenses of the overall economy of the country.
    * We can also see the use of technology to operate energy resources that helps to produce more products within short time and it is very much important for the economy of the country.
    * use of information and communication technology is now decreasing the time and expenses of the businesses. It provides convenient situation to deal with the international markets.
    * Technology in agricultural sector is helping in more yielding in every season. It also helps to protect the crops from being wasted and spoiled.
    * Industry is the backbone upon which the economy of any country prevails and technology is the blood that gives a country the flow of economic development.
    So these are the most remarkable and common section of any country which has the access of modern technology and that is very important for the economic development. Sustainable development policies seek to change the nature of economic growth rather than limit it. They are premised on the belief that continual growth in a finite world is possible through the powers of technology, which will enable us to find new sources or provide alternatives if a particular resource appears to be running out.


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