Technology: Soon Passwords Will Be A Talk Of The Past!


We are much aware of the authentication process for any website; be it mail, or social networking websites, everything is password protected. Because of the technological advancements, the security maintained through passwords is often broken by hackers which result in an unreliable condition.

The positive aspect of the technological breakout is the development of alternative authentication methods other than a password with the help of Artificial Intelligence and biometrics. They are not only reliable but also make the data useless after several attempts of a security breach.

Fingerprints Technologytechnology password forget fingerprint

With the help of biometrics, Fingerprint recognition technology has been developed which replaces the password protection in the best possible way. They are highly authenticated because every person has unique vein pattern which is developed before birth and remains unchanged for a lifetime.

Voicetechnology password protect voice sensor india

It is another technique which uses the speech recognition technology of biometrics. It is unique because every person has his/her own voice modulation, pitch and range which stand out from others and no such method has been developed to breach a voice-protected file.

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Retinaretina india technology password protect

This is the oldest of all the mentioned authentication methods which were developed by retina scan technology. This process is unique because every eye has a unique pattern of the blood vessels at the back of the eye.

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Heartbeatheartbeat technology password replace

 Rarest of all the methods having the highest security measure, heartbeat or ECG scanning is complex to develop but has lot of scope in future. The time duration and synchronization between beats differs for every heart making them unique.

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Facial biometrics187928720

It is a new method which uses Face recognition technology to identify a person as an authenticated user. It is usually designed basing upon the lines and arrangement of facial parts which is always different for a different user.


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