Teenage Girl Murder Case Shocks U.P.

The veiled mother of one of the two teenage girls, who were raped and hanged from a tree, walks along with policemen at Budaun district in Uttar Pradesh May 31, 2014. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee/Files

The people of Nanpara, in UP, woke up to the horrifying scene of a 15 year old teenage girl hung from a tree on Saturday.

Story of the Teenage Girl

The teenage girl who was reported to have gone missing on Friday, was found to have been abducted, gang raped, murdered and hung from a tree. The incident has enraged the public, and the authorities as well who have taken immediate action to get the accused arrested.teenage girl murder case


Father of the victim had registered an FIR with the police, against three suspects Imran, Sarvjeet Yadav and Ghanshyam Maurya for abducting, raping and killing his daughter as he states them to have attempted to abduct her even before. The former two have already been arrested while the third accused is still on the run.

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The certainty of the victim being raped can only be proved after post-mortem said the police officer, Salik Ram Verma in-charge of the case.

Following the incident, public including women activist broke out in massive protest at the Centre. They complained that the government instead of celebrating their 2 years of power, needs to pay more attention towards holding back violence against women population. Former National Commission for Women (NCW) Nirmala Samant said,

“This needs to be condemned and protested… The government, which is celebrating its two years of governance needs to pay more attention to curbing violence against women.”

teenage girl murder case 2

Jagmati Sangwan, a women’s rights activist remarked that the law and order in UP has completely collapsed as criminals no more fear the police or punishment.

The police assumes that the body was hung to divert the case from being ruled as murder. Earlier in May 2014, a similar kind of incident, the Badaun case, where 2 teenage sisters of the same family were gang raped and hung from a tree in the Katra village had triggered a public uproar.


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