The Fruit of the Angels : Papaya


Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya was reputably called the “fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus. The papaya is the fruit of the plant carica papaya. Papaya plants grow in three sexes: male, female, and hermaphrodite. Originally from southern mexico, now it is cultivated in many tropical countries. Once considered quite exotic, they can now be found in markets throughout the year. Although there is a slight seasonal peak in early summer and fall, papaya trees produce fruit year round. The fruit which is extremely rich in Vitamin C has a wide range of health benefits making it a great fruit option to include in your diet.



  • It is very low in calories and contains no cholesterol.
  • It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins.
  • It is a fruit with highest vitamin C content.
  • The risks for developing asthma are lower in people who consume a high amount of certain nutrients. One of these nutrients is beta-carotene, contained in foods like papaya.
  • A single papaya can fulfil more than 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, making it great to build a stronger immune system
  • Despite being sweet in nature, papayas are low in sugar content as well as glycemic index. This property makes papayas excellent fruits for diabetics.
  • We cannot totally avoid foods which are bad for our digestive system. Eating a papaya daily can make up for such occasional mistakes, as it has a digestive enzyme which helps improve your digestive health.
  • After working hard for the whole day, it is a good idea to come home to a plate a papayas. The wonder fruit is rich in several nutrients like Vitamin C which can keep you free from stress.
  • The vitamin content in papaya all help to ward off heart disease
  • When used topically, mashed papaya appears to be beneficial for promoting wound healing and preventing infection of burned areas.
  • Papaya is also great for your hair because it contains vitamin A, a nutrient required for sebum production that keeps hair moisturize.

To feel healthy and fit, one must include Papaya in his daily meal. Parents should help their children develop the habit of having papaya daily. Remember, it is rightly called as the fruit of the angels bringing you a bunch of benefits.


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