What are some of the things that give you comfort in life?


Here are some of the answers on things that give you comfort in life.

Answer 1

One of the biggest comforts in my life is routine.

Yes, a nice “boring day” with no surprises is a great day.


I have been in a war. Surprises are not fun nor welcome. If you are surprised it means that usually, someone dies.

There are psychological consequences to being constantly “under the gun.” One is you are unable to adjust to stress as well as before. Stress can be good or bad, but the effects are the same – the rapid heartbeat, the increased blood pressure, the fight or flight response, the unreasonable fear that you are back where it began.

So boring, routine days are good days. No surprises – no stress – no worries – and no chance I might hurt someone unintentionally because of the conditioned response that was developed to save my life in the first place.

There have been too many ignorant people who think it is “funny” to make the combat vet jump by scaring him (like jumping out from behind something and yelling or sneaking up from behind). They do not know just how much control I had to use to keep myself from breaking their nose as a reaction not as an intentional act. People need to grow up.

I have had to change jobs many times because of this ridiculous ignorance, simply because I did not want to hurt anyone and I did not want to go to jail.

So this explains why I like a nice boring, routine day as a great comfort in my life.

Answer 2

  1. Friday evenings as the weekend starts
  2.  The smell of petrol
  3. The joy of fullness when I finish working on a task that you’re working for a long time
  4. Happiness when I meet a friend unexpectedly
  5. Reaching home safely every day
  6. When I see my wife after a long day’s work
  7. Kid brings my medicine/pills and water to me himself
  8. Seeing my kid growing-up to more mature
  9. When it’s very cloudy there but you reach office without getting drenched
  10. Every time I successfully complete any governmental / bank work(even though I engage a broker) e.g., DL, Legal document
  11. Momentary happiness when I get my salary on payday, coz everything goes out soon
    The list will go on. It again drills down to ‘Happiness/Pleasure is a state of mind’. Learn to cherish small joys, life becomes more beautiful and worthy.


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