Things you didn’t know about the fake charging cables

  • Devices become slow

A cheap USB charging cable will be of low quality. Devices take 5 hours to charge with the authentic chargers, but more than 19 hours with the fake ones. We are not saying all cheap cables are fakes, but it’s worth to keep an eye on what you buy.

  • Breaks your phone

There are rumors that a cheap cable charger can also break your phone. An incident in 2014 will clear all your doubts. A fake charging cable had damaged a logic board component called the UC chip of iPhone 5. UC chip is a particular chip that controls the battery, sleep button & USB port. That’s the expensive part of the phone which can’t be easily afforded.

Now, who will say that it won’t happen again?

  • Ruin phone’s battery

When you charge your battery, it should have the correct circuits that will say your battery is full & it doesn’t require more power. But, if the charger fails to hold such a circuitry then it will surely damage it. Most importantly, replacement batteries are not so cheap.

  • Fires & Explosions

People might have warned you that fake cables can cause fires. Fake chargers can explode in your hands too. It was reported that in 2014 a woman died after a shock from a cheap USB charger.

Buying cheap cables slows down your devices & leads to serious hazardous problems. Always check the packing, to make sure that you are buying a cable that is made for one particular device. Those cables should be the certified ones.




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